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Community colleges are a vital part of providing a higher education and job training to the poor and middle class. The advantages of community college are, however, subject to public funding and are impacted by bad economic times. Additionally, not all community colleges are created equal.
Going back to school can be scary for any one. From undergraduate studies to vocational programs, here are four back to college tips for returning college students eager to get back on track with their education.
Choosing a career path can be very difficult for some people. Everyone has their own interests, goals, desires and limitations--and these are
Working professionals and parents frequently wonder how they actually can work toward advanced education. The questions are sundry: How will class fit into the schedule? Is there a way to pay for it? Will it be worthwhile? Here are some ideas to help allay your doubts.
The personality types known as judgers and perceivers might seem like complete opposites, but they can rely on each other's strengths to create a strong, dynamic work environment. Here's how judgers and perceivers can make the best of a situation.
The feeler takes things personally, while the thinker rarely does. The clash of personality types can spill over from the classroom to the workforce. How can the two of them get along and thrive?
Put someone who needs just the facts - and only the facts - in a room with someone who wants the context to go with these facts and an interesting situation can result. Intuitive and sensing personality types might approach things differently, but when they meet in the middle, things can really start to happen.
Personality type can explain why one person can be very happy in a particular job and another can be miserable. Find out whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, and what that means for your choice of a career or school.
Up to 25 percent of a person's life satisfaction can be traced back to work. But with unemployment hovering around 9%, switching jobs or letting go of the one you've got isn't exactly easy. Experts say, however, that there are things one can do to find happiness in work -- no matter the economic situation.
Students who are short on time but long on ambition will be pleased to find a number of accredited professional certification courses on SchoolsGalore.com.
Do you think a degree program can't be both practical and fun? Campus and online communication school programs might make you think again.
Choosing a major and the right college can be daunting. A self-assessment test can make the choice much easier by pinpointing interests, strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits that can influence success.