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Fastest-Growing Career Fields at SchoolsGalore.com

Choosing a career path can be very difficult for some people. Everyone has their own interests, goals, desires and limitations -- and these are all important considerations. There are literally thousands of employment options available, and conflicting statistics can make the decision-making process seem overwhelming.

Maybe if we could predict which careers are expected to grow, the answer would quickly come into focus. With a little help from the U.S. Department of Labor, we can safely predict which careers will experience steady growth far into the future.

Of the fastest-growing career fields in 2011, there are two broad career areas that stand head and shoulders above the rest: Health Care and Computers & information technology. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that over the next decade, health care and computer-related career may grow.

Can you guess the single fastest-growing career field in 2011? You will have your first clue when you consider our rapidly-aging population and the breakdown of traditional family ties. That's right; the profession of Home Health Aide (also known as Personal Support Worker) is currently experiencing blazing growth and is expected to continue growing well into the next decade.

The next fastest-growing career area is also fairly predictable, as it is tied to our continuing fascination with computers and computer technologies. Well-trained network systems and data communications analysts are in demand in nearly every type of business, so a degree in Network Systems or Database Technology might take you a long way into the future.

The professions of Medical Assistant and Physician Assistant are also coming up fast. Perhaps this statistic originates from the vast numbers of people who are living well past retirement age and the burgeoning need for excellent health care services.

Also high on the list are Computer Software Engineers who are either specialists in applications of computer software or experts in systems software.

Further down the list are Physical Therapy Assistants taking the slot, Dental Hygienists holding the seventh, Dental Assistants holding number nine and Personal Home Care Aides in tenth place.

So, if you were to base your career decision entirely on statistics predicting professions that will experience rapid growth, your choice would have to fall within computers and health care. Certainly, this is important information to put in the hopper, but these two areas may not necessarily appeal to your personal interests. Perhaps it would be better to expand your criteria to also include other important considerations, such as your skills and abilities, the length of time and amount of tuition you can commit to furthering your education, and your overall goals for the future.

We urge you to review the various fields of study on our website to gain a solid understanding of professions that may appeal to you. We hope this will help you decide which educational path is best for you. Whatever your choice, best of luck to you!


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