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Business Schools Are Plentiful in U.S. and Canada

Those who are seeking an education in the various fields of business will have no trouble locating an accredited business school in the United States or Canada. There are hundreds, if not thousands of educational avenues available for the aspiring business professional, including online courses.

Many vocational, trade, and technical schools and community colleges offer business administration programs that prepare students for entry-level positions or advancement in current positions in business and industry. Diplomas and certificates in specific areas (accounting, marketing, etc.) and Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degrees earned from trade schools and community colleges provide students with basic knowledge that can open doors in all areas of business and business administration.

Courses of study in vocational business schools may include accounting, marketing, information systems, management, finance, communications, and more, depending on the extent that individual schools can provide. Students in vocational programs may be able to find courses that provide basic information and education in any or all of these fields.

Four-year institutions offer bachelor degrees in most or all areas relevant to business. For instance, Bachelor of Science (BS) degree students are sometimes able to combine their business studies for degrees in management and accounting, or to combine business courses with other fields to create a unique degree in administration and engineering or marketing and psychology, among many other combinations.

Graduate degrees are also flexible in scope and available in universities and in colleges that offer graduate programs. Schools that offer graduate degrees in business are plentiful; nearly every state and province has several options when it comes to finding a school that specializes in business degrees, often unique degrees that may be applicable to your special interest.

The appropriate college degree is often required for gaining employment in today's world of business. Degrees have actually become the standard, even for entry-level positions. With the number of business schools everywhere, students will find many options for earning Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Science in Business (MSB), Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees, and doctorate (PhD) degrees. Graduate schools also offer certificates for specialized studies in some areas of business and business administration.

Depending on the level of education and experience, undergraduate and graduate degrees in business will qualify graduates for positions as administrative assistants, financial planners, human resources managers, auditors, bank examiners, business managers, insurance underwriters, and many more. Incomes vary, but experience and a graduate degree can boost your annual salary to more than $100,000, making the time and effort spent in earning your degree well worth it.

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