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Business Schools Brighten Career Outlook

With the growing demand for well-educated business professionals, a good business school can really brighten your career outlook. Perhaps you are looking to change careers, or maybe you are already employed, but seeking to advance your knowledge and skills. There are hundreds of vocational schools, colleges and universities offering various programs of study in business.

Students can choose their focus in business or business administration to earn Associate of Science (AS), Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Science, (MS), or Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees, after which they can go on to doctorate (PhD) degree studies. Students may find that combining subjects, such as management and accounting or finance and risk management, is very effective and appealing for meeting their goals in the business world.

Associate degree programs, as well as diplomas and certificates in some areas of business, can be found in technical, vocational, and trade schools. AS degree, diploma, and certificate courses or programs of study in business offer most of the basic fundamentals of particular business applications. Students in vocational and trade schools are able to choose specific areas to study: accounting, management, marketing, finance, computerized information systems, etc.

Four-year bachelor degrees offer students more flexibility as well as more comprehensive preparation in areas of business. Students can choose which areas to study for their degree. If numbers captivate, accounting may be a good choice. If appealing to and persuading the consumer is fascinating, marketing may be the subject most valuable to a student's business education.

Schools that offer master degrees will be found in colleges and universities that offer graduate-level business programs. Graduate students have opportunities to specialize their degrees and advance their knowledge and expertise in particular areas of business. Specializations grow in breadth and depth in graduate studies programs to include business administration, health services administration, information systems management, accounting management, human resource management, marketing management, risk and insurance management, non-profit management, and more. Graduate programs offer graduate certificates for specializations, and also combining subjects - marketing and management - can be a very effective strategy when entering the job market.

PhD programs focus on theory building, conducting research, and developing skills for leadership and teaching. Doctoral programs are completed in five or six years of study beyond the MS degree. The PhD degree will often involve students in teaching undergraduate courses, along with developing research skills, and will require devising and conducting a field-relevant research project that contributes new information to the field, writes a dissertation worthy of publication, and defends that project and the dissertation before a committee of faculty.

Degrees in business are in generally expected for employment in all areas of business; advanced degrees are required in some areas. Incomes are complementary to education and experience and can make the lengthy educational encounter very rewarding.

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