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Computer Technology Schools and Careers Guide

If computers are your passion, you can't go wrong. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Network and Computer Systems Administrators have earned a annual median salary of $72,200, 2010.

Schools in some areas are able to form a partnership with local industry and focus on providing technical skills and experience for student success with hands-on training through internships. You can't beat that for solid tech training. These fortunate students graduate with an exceptional readiness for making an immediate contribution to their new employer.

Curriculums in computer tech schools more often than not may lead to associate and bachelor degree in Computer Science. The courses are designed to prepare students for opportunities in technical support, networking systems and technology, network systems administration, computer forensics, computer and electronics engineering, computer programming, computer drafting and design, multimedia and Web development, software applications, Web technology, and information systems security.

People who work in the field computer technology are specialists. They may require to provide the day-to-day maintenance, support, administration, and protection of computer systems and computer networking that is necessary to company survival. They may have opportunities to plan, coordinate, and implement standards that ensure secure and efficient company operations. Computer technicians are responsible for proper use of systems; they design, install, and support organizational electronic systems; they maintain computer software and hardware and software; and they monitor systems to ensure that systems meet company requirements.

Computer tech schools may impart an understanding of Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as the hardware that drives the Internet, routers and switches, network software, applications used by servers, and various network connections. Students may expect to be exposed to different network file servers, printers, CD-ROMs, multi-media devices, and networking devices, such as various hubs and wireless NICs and access points.

So, if you are interested in the workings and functions of computers, computer technology school may provide you with the required education. You may prepare to enter in the world of technology by enrolling today in one of the many fine schools found on our website.

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