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Computers Rank Among the Fastest Growing Career Fields

If you are interested in learning about computers, you will be pleased to know that the field of computer technology is one of the fastest-growing employment opportunities today. According to statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, computer-related professions are expected to experience extremely rapid growth over the next decade and well into the future. Of the top 20 fastest-growing professions, five are intimately related to Computers.

Let's look at the breakdown of specific computer-related jobs to which you might aspire. At the top of the USDL list are network systems analysts and data communications analysts. To work in this profession usually requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree in computer science with a focus on Network Systems or Database Technology. But, a bachelor's is not always required; some employers will consider a diploma, certificate or associate degree to be sufficient.

Another area of employment that is expected to see rapid growth would be Computer Software Engineers. These workers are either experts in systems software or trained specialists in applications of computer software. This can be a very lucrative field. For instance, a bachelor's degree in software engineering could soon have you earning an annual salary in the range of $50,000.

But, why limit yourself to just the top few computer professions? There are literally scores of individual titles to which you can aspire. With a few months or years of solid computer education, you could have your choice of many top careers.

Computer courses are available from vocational and trade schools, community colleges, where you can obtain a diploma, certificate or associate degree. Four-year colleges and universities offer bachelor degrees and master degrees. Related majors include Computer Information Systems, as well as Information Technology (IT) or Information Systems Management. A master's degree in Computer Science would take you the farthest in the field of computers, with excellent employment opportunities and a very desirable salary range.

So, are computers in your future? That depends on your personal goals and ambition. The choice is up to you. Take some time to look over the program descriptions on our website, and submit a request for more information to a few choice schools. You could soon be on your way to becoming an expert in the field of computers!