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Dental Assistant Schools Prepare Health Care Professionals

If you are seeking an education in health care, dental assistant schools can prepare you to take on significant responsibilities to increase the efficiency of a dental office. Students will study various aspects of assisting the dentist with patient care, in addition to office administration.

Dental assistant courses will begin with classes in anatomy, anatomy, physiology, general dentistry, microbiology, and good dental hygiene. Students will also learn to develop strong communication skills, as they may become responsible for patient care, scheduling appointments, keeping treatment records, managing bills and payments, and ordering dental supplies and materials.

Community colleges and technical schools offer two-year programs in dental assisting, which will result in an Associate of Science (AS) degree. Vocational and trade school programs offer one-year programs for earning dental assistant diplomas and professional certification. Some vocational schools offer a four- to six-month program that teaches the basics to allow students to qualify for entry-level positions.

In addition to health care topics, dental assistant students will be trained for performing various office duties, handling responsibilities in laboratories, making impressions and restorations, taking and processing x-rays, removing sutures, applying anesthetics and cavity-preventive agents, performing laboratory duties, and making temporary crowns.

Dental assistant careers vary in their challenges depending on the requirements of the specific practice. Some dental assistants work alongside the dentist; others will spend more time in laboratories, while still others will manage office processes. There are many options, and the job outlook is good for dental assistants. Dental assistant incomes usually begin around $22,000, and earnings increase with experience and education.

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