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Dental Assistant Schools Will Have You Smiling

If you are stuck in a dead-end job looking for an exciting new career, a dental assistant school may have you smiling in no time. Schools for dental assisting may train students to take on various responsibilities of patient care, as well as office duties and laboratory work. Future dental assistants learn to work in conjunction with dentists to examine teeth and gums and to prepare patients for treatment.

Dental assistant schools curriculum may include the training to use the hand instruments and materials, preparation of trays of instruments for dental procedures, sterilization and disinfection methods of instruments and equipment, and instruction of patients on postoperative and general oral health care.

Laboratory duties may also be a part of dental schools course. Students may learn to make casts of the teeth, clean appliances, and make temporary crowns. Dental assistant schools may also teach students to prepare materials for making impressions and restorations and to take and process x-rays. Dental assistants also become proficient regarding safety procedures that minimize risks associated with the use of x-ray machines.

Sometimes programs in dental schools may also teach assistants how to remove sutures, apply topical anesthetics, remove excess cement used in the filling processes, and how to place rubber dams on teeth to isolate them for individual treatment. Dental assistants may often be trained for performing office duties, such as scheduling and confirming appointments, receiving patients, keeping treatment records, billing and receiving, and ordering dental supplies and materials.

Dental assistant programs generally may require a year of study for earning a professional certificate or diploma. Course of study may include dental terminology, anatomy, preventive dentistry, nutrition, disease transmission, pathology, radiology, pharmacology, and anesthesiology.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Dental Assistants have earned a median salary of $34,140 annually, 2010. Advanced degrees and experience can double that figure. 

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