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Doctorate Programs Offer the Highest Level of Education

If you are a serious student who wants to achieve the pinnacle of education in your particular chosen field, the doctorate program may help you achieve your goals. The doctorate degree is often referred to as a "terminal degree" as it is the highest level of education available for most fields of study. Those who possess a degree at the doctorate level are considered experts in their chosen field, and respected as equals by their peers.

There are different kinds of doctorate degrees. The research doctorate (Ph.D.) is the most common and is awarded in recognition of academic research and contribution to human knowledge. Professional doctorates are awarded in professions of law, medicine, music, and ministry, to name a few.

Honorary doctorates are awarded by institutions in honor of noteworthy contributions to fields other than academic. Honorary degrees are often conferred on celebrities. So as not to confuse the Honorary Doctorate with academic degrees, it has become common to use Hon.D. to indicate that the degree is purely honorary.

A doctorate is the highest level of academic degree possible, the most common being the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Doctorate programs may require candidates to spend anywhere from four to six years in graduate school, subsequent to the master degree. PhD degree programs may build in you the extensive knowledge in the chosen field of study. The doctorate program may require to produce new original research that holds meaning in the field, and that may prepares candidates for teaching at the college and university level.

Doctorate programs are possible in many subjects as well as combinations of subjects that some students may choose for developing skills and expertise in various fields, such as business (management and information technology), engineering, sciences (chemistry and biology), education, and other academic areas. In a nutshell, doctorate programs begin with gaining broad knowledge in the field and teaching basic undergraduate courses before focusing on developing a research project, writing a thesis, taking comprehensive exams, and defending the publication-quality thesis before a peer group of faculty who will judge the candidate's qualifications and readiness.

Those interested in doctorate programs or doctoral degrees must be prepared to spend many years of intensive study, and must be eager to advance theoretical and practical knowledge and leadership skills. The satisfaction and many rewards and accolades that await the doctorate degree holder are immeasurable, making it well worth the necessary sacrifices and effort.

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