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Executive Assisting Schools Offer a Career Boost

If you are looking to advance your professional career, executive assisting schools can prepare you for a rewarding and challenging position in various fields of business, law, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. You can earn a diploma or professional certification in just a few months, and college degrees can be obtained in as little as two years, making it a very desirable course of study for working adults.

Diplomas, certificates, and Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), and Applied Associate of Science (AAS) degrees are available at most business schools and even online schools. Students can opt to study more in-depth programs for executive assistant Associate and Bachelor Degrees in four-year colleges and universities, where degrees can be combined with other subjects in business, medicine, law, the arts, journalism, engineering, architecture, etc.

AA, AS, and AAS degree programs will provide the skills required to become a successful executive assistant. Studies will emphasize developing professional skills in computer applications, file and records management, bookkeeping, communications and language skills, and office and interpersonal relations. Four-year associate and bachelor degree programs can specialize in medicine, law, criminal justice, and technology, and even the fields of entertainment and hospitality.

Today's executive assistants are taking on more challenging and broader ranges of responsibilities, such as project management, presentations, and communications that were once the responsibilities of management. Executive assistant positions have become more stimulating, exciting, and rewarding. Meeting those challenges demands more education and preparation for a satisfactory lifelong career as an executive assistant.

Executive assistants currently earn incomes of $30,000 to $40,000. The economic outlook for qualified executive assistants is expected to continue to rise.

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