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Food Science Programs Focus on Good Nutrition

We've all heard the old adage, "You are what you eat" and food science programs prove the point in spades. An education in food science can make you an expert on food and nutrition, and help you qualify for employment with food manufacturing companies and food retail outlets, as well as for producing various foods.

Food science courses integrate and apply the subjects of chemistry, engineering, biology, and nutrition to the curriculums. Food science schools teach matters relating to food preservation, food processing, food packaging, and food distribution. Subjects also include nutrition, as well as the health benefits, safety, and affordability of foods.

Students enrolled in food science programs can anticipate focusing on the physical and biological properties of food and its chemical values, nutritive values, and much more. Students will also learn about plant and animal chemistry and biology.

Advanced degrees in Food Science require specialized studies in food chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, engineering, or nutrition education. A bachelor (BS) or master degree (MS) in Food Science can qualify the graduate for positions in administration and programs, as well as research institutions and government agencies. Other positions can include areas of quality management, food processing, food research and development, and marketing and distribution of foods in the food industry. Professionals in the culinary industry or restaurant management can also benefit from a program in food science.

There is an increased demand for qualified food science experts in research, industry, and government. With current concerns about contamination and genetic modification, the career possibilities are excellent for those with comprehensive food science training. There are many educational avenues from which to choose, including vocational schools, colleges, universities, and even distance learning and online schools.

In summation, a graduate with a degree from an accredited of food science program will find that jobs are varied, plentiful, and offer excellent salaries. Incomes for graduates with BS degrees in Food Science can begin at $48,000; graduates with MS degrees may earn $55,000 or more in their first year.

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