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Health Care Career Guide

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the increase in health care positions is expected to soar over the next decade, primarily as they relate to the elderly and infirm. What is the single fastest-growing career field today? With an aging population of Baby Boomers and the breakdown of traditional family ties, the profession of Home Health Aide (also known as Personal Support Worker) requires only a minimal education in most states, and there is an incredible demand for certified home health aides to work in private homes and long-term rehabilitation facilities. These are some of the reasons why experts predict the rapid growth of this field to continue well into the next decade. 

Medical professions also includes Medical Assistant and Physician Assistant. New hospitals, clinics and private practices are opening every day, creating an urgent need for well-trained medical assistants (also known as medical office administrators), as well as those with professional physician assistant training. Medical assistants may required to take but a few months of training; the path to physician's assistant may take two to four years of additional study.

Another profession would be Physical Therapy Assistants (also called Physical Therapy Aides). These professional health care workers act as assistants to physical therapists by performing clerical work, transporting patients, preparing treatment rooms, and assisting patients during treatments. Although formal physical therapy aide training is not required for the profession, a few months of related studies would be considered highly desirable.

The professions of Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant are also gaining ground these days. Every dental practice is looking to hire people with dental assistant training to perform a variety of patient care as well as office and laboratory duties. Certification in the field of dental assisting or dental hygienist may qualify you to apply for licensure and that could take you a long way into the future.

There are many others that are also growing in scope. If you are looking for some direction or a new career path, we urge you to review the educational options on our website and submit a request to a few schools today. They may respond with comprehensive information to help you make a good decision for a lifelong career.