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Medical Schools Look for Leadership and Commitment

Schools of medicine look for students who are committed to serving the needs of society. Students should be able to demonstrate originality, independence, and a capacity for critical thinking. Medical students should also have a desire to develop outstanding clinical skills, leadership in the profession, and innovative biomedical sciences for the betterment of public health. The medical schools may also look for enthusiasm and familiarity with health-care environments, as well as stamina and experience in community service.

These are tall orders. But medical students are served by having gained considerable experience in many areas of work and education before entering into years of preparation for any of the aggressive fields of medicine. Competition in medical schools is stiff, and the course of study is very intense. Medical students may choose to prepare for the practice of treating patients, or for professions of extremely competitive research in areas of biochemistry, cancer biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology and immunology, molecular and cellular physiology, molecular pharmacology, neurosciences, and structural biology. Medical profession require the best minds and the most eager, dedication and innovative energies.

Curriculum in medical schools have been updated to meet the needs of today's health care practices. Students in medical schools not only prepare with traditional college courses in anatomy, biology, chemistry, immunology, and pharmacology, they now may anticipate more concentrated courses in molecular medicines, cell and tissue studies, neurobiology, histology, genetics, cell biology, and much more.

Whether a student enters medical school with the purpose of becoming a physician, a researcher or an administrator, preparation and experience may only boost moral and promote success in obtaining a degree.

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