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Secretarial Schools Can Help You Get Ahead

Secretarial schools provide students with the education and skills that all types of businesses and organizations depend upon for administrative and technical support. Secretaries, or administrative assistants, with a quality education are prepared to provide the specialized technical skills and perform the practical functions that keep business and organizations competitive and operational. Honing your secretarial skills will give you an edge when it comes to landing a good, well-paying job.

Professional secretaries and executive assistants are employed in every type of organization. They are part of the nearly five million office professionals who make up perhaps the largest occupational sector in the U.S. economy. Graduates of secretarial schools are prepared for employment in one of the many service industries, such as health care, education, social services, and technical service fields, as well as for manufacturing and construction. Highly technical fields, such as legal and medical secretarial services, require specialized terminology and procedural skills taught in secretarial school programs. Students will find that many schools offer several different degrees and varying levels of skills that can satisfy the interests of individual students as well as the needs of various industries.

You can choose the type of school, the type of skills you want to develop, and the type of industry you want to prepare for in a secretarial training program that can be found in vocational, technical, or trade schools or community colleges in your area. You will find additional secretarial and administrative support degree programs in four-year colleges and universities, and even in online schools.

The secretarial training offered by some community colleges and in four-year colleges and universities can lead to Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees. Associate degree program students will acquire the skills needed for entry-level or advanced secretarial positions. Courses will include keyboarding, computer applications that include word processing, spreadsheets, and file management systems, business mathematics, practical business applications, communications, and office relations.

Specialized studies for positions as a medical secretary will develop basic administrative skills through courses in medical office procedures, health and diseases, computer applications, medical assistant procedures, and pharmacology. Additional courses in communications, critical thinking, human relations, and decision making will expand knowledge skills for keeping medical office operations running efficiently.

Some schools offer specialized AAS degrees in computer office assisting for students who enjoy technical support in computer technology. Students choosing to prepare for entry-level positions can anticipate courses in office skills, customer service, accounting, data entry, business law, office systems, computer software, and technical writing. Degrees in computer office assistance will prepare students with skills applicable to businesses and organizations that require skillful and accurate information and communications management, project management, and online skills, as well as good skills for organization, file maintenance, planning, and scheduling.

Graduates can anticipate salaries to vary according to skill level, experience, and location. Degreed graduates should expect entry-level positions to yield incomes in the range of $26,000. Experienced executive secretaries, administrative assistants, and office managers can earn $60,000. Secretaries with increased skills and association with an executive branch will see earnings increase accordingly.

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