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Secretarial Schools Teach the Right Skills

Well-developed secretarial skills can give you a step up when it comes to employment opportunities. Today's industries and organizations are seeking employees with advanced administrative skills that will keep their offices functioning efficiently; a good secretarial school can train you to meet or exceed those expectations.

Well-trained secretaries and executive assistants have greatly improved opportunities for meeting employment requirements in the fields of education, social services, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and various technical services. Secretarial Schools in some community colleges and four-year colleges and universities offer programs of study allow students to earn Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees. Secretarial schools help students acquire the skills needed for entry-level positions, or specialized skills for advanced secretarial positions.

Secretarial students should expect the course to include vital skills such as keyboarding, file management systems, word processing, spreadsheets, business mathematics, computer applications, business functions, communications, and office relations, among others.

By doing a bit of research, you can find the type of school that teaches the skills you need to become an office professional. Secretarial Schools found in vocational, technical, or trade schools or community colleges can provide courses that develop the basic skills needed for entry-level positions. Business schools found in colleges and universities offer advanced training and education that can qualify you for positions with more authority and responsibility.

The more technical fields of law, medicine, and computer technology require secretarial skills more specialized skills. Courses that develop these technical secretarial and administrative support skills can be found in four-year secretarial degree programs in colleges and universities. Students will learn applicable terminology and procedures by choosing curriculums that prepare them for a specialized career. Secretarial schools may offer several different degrees and varying levels of skills that meet the needs of various industries.

Salaries for entry-level secretarial and administrative support personnel will begin around $26,000. Executive secretaries, administrative assistants, and office managers with years of experience can earn $60,000 or more.

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