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Natural healing schools offer an alternative approach to health that encompasses numerous holistic forms of medicine. Natural healers are taught to consider all elements of the human form -- mind, body, and spirit -- as one whole unit. You will find many top natural healing schools listed on SchoolsGalore. The goal of natural healing schools is to advance the wellbeing of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual entities by restoring the flow of "chi", or energy, in order to achieve anatomic symmetry, spiritual balance, emotional equanimity, and mental acuity.


Natural healing schools offer numerous interesting fields of study, including massage, yoga, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, bioenergetics, and other therapies that are believed to have whole-body healing benefits. As an example, Oriental Medicine emphasizes a balance of Yin and Yang, which allows the restoration of peace and harmony to the physical body as well as the mental, spiritual and emotional body. This includes such practices as feng shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and flower essences, to name a few.

Bodywork is another broad category of healing art studies. Students can learn natural physical therapy methods such as massage therapy, yoga, exercise, stretching, and other relaxation techniques to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. Some of the martial arts taught at natural healing schools (such as Tai Chi or qigong) are healing art practices used to treat illness and injury, including athletic and sports injuries.

Natural healing studies at the advanced level can teach you to provide holistic treatments for muscular-skeletal dysfunction, such as chiropractic. Chiropractors are trained to treat the spine and the nervous system to assist in the restoration and maintenance of optimum health.

Western medical practitioners will often learn alternative healing methods as an adjunct to an existing health care practice. Various natural healing techniques have lately been recognized as beneficial to good overall health care, and modern physicians and nurses are recognizing the advantages of healing that does not involve surgery or drugs. Additionally, holistic studies provide an alternative approach to health care that goes far beyond the physical symptoms of disease, injury or illness. A holistic healer will investigate the patient's stress levels, employment situation, relationships, mental psyche, nutrition, and much more to find the unseen root causes of health problems.


Students can enroll in a variety of natural healing certificate programs that can last a few weeks or months. Depending on the specific certification achieved, and the region of practice, you may immediately qualify to begin a natural healing practice. Alternately, practicing physicians and nurses will often seek certification in one or more techniques of complementary medicine to enhance an existing practice or simply for personal enrichment.

There are also a large number of exciting natural healing degree programs available, ranging from Associate degrees all the way to Doctorate degrees. These degrees can include medical massage therapies, chiropractic medicine, parapsychology, hypnosis, and many others.


If you would like to learn to be a natural healer, we urge you to submit a request for more information from some of the top natural healing schools found on SchoolsGalore.com. You will soon receive in-depth information to help you to make an informed decision about natural healing education.

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