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Acupuncture Schools: Is Becoming an Acupuncturist Right for You?

For those of you who sincerely desire to help patients in a natural way and you're not squeamish about needles (even little ones); then gaining an education in acupuncture may be ideal for you. Because the demand for holistic health care is continually on the rise, qualified acupuncturists that have received training through acupuncture schools, play an essential role in the dynamics of present and future health treatments and complementary medicine to patients everywhere.

Standard instruction provided by acupuncture schools is, of course, the acupuncture treatment defined as "needling" (the calculated insertion and manipulation of thin, hair-like needles at precision points along the skin), in addition to common studies such as anatomy, biophysics and nutrition; as well as practical and clinical training in Acupressure, Chinese Internal Medicine, Herbology, Moxibustion, Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Future acupuncturists will learn about Eastern medicine's conceptions (and misconceptions), historical roots, and theories focused in acupuncture - In particular, the Western world commonly considers acupuncture a new, "alternative medicine;" in fact, it has been used for thousands of years in the East and is truly an ancient medical art.

Aside from history, students who enroll in acupuncture programs will gain a clear understanding in how needling acts as a stimulus on the body's exterior, which in due course manipulates physiological functioning. The predominant and fundamental theory is primarily based on the body's energy force known as Qi ("Chee"). Future acupuncturists will learn how Qi involves and influences the whole person; including emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of overall health and well being.

Also, students will certainly learn about paired "meridians" (channels or pathways), which are believed to be the key transport system for Qi. It is along these meridians where acupressure, moxibustion or needling can be applied for treatment purposes. A typical treatment involves meticulous placement of needles for a set course of time (usually about 20 minutes). Acupuncture students who are in their internship will discover that while some patients may experience immediate symptom relief, others may not become aware of an improvement until hours have passed.

Students who have successfully completed their Master's program in Acupuncture, Herbology or Oriental Medicine (or in combination) will need to pass *licensing and/or certification exams in order to practice the healing art of Acupuncture. *(States vary in licensing and certification requirements. Please review your individual State regulations on Acupuncture prior to enrolling in any acupuncture programs.)

If you believe that becoming an Acupuncturist is the right career path for you, enroll in one of several Acupuncture Schools to attain your Acupuncture education. Find Natural Healing Schools, Herbal Medicine Schools and other Oriental Medicine Schools at SchoolsGalore.com.


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    Brightwood College , Palm Springs
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    Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Program
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    • Students can work in the SOCHI Massage Clinic to gain experience and build their career skills.
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    Master of Science in Nutrition Education
    • AU challenges students to combine serious study with real-world experience
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    Massage Therapy
    Mayfield College , Cathedral City
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    • Accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE).
    • 2 locations in Cathedral City and Twentynine Palms, California.
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    Massage Therapy
    Good for Working Adults
    • Offers career programs in accounting, cosmetology, massage therapy, physical fitness training, and more.
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    • 11 campuses across California, Texas, Nevada and Idaho, as well as 8 additional Milan Institute of Cosmetology campuses.
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    Massage Therapy
    Start your career with training from Blake Austin College - Beauty Academy. We offer programs in cosmetology, massage therapy, and holistic health, plus a combination esthetics/massage program.
    Massage Therapy - Certificate
    Advanced College , South Gate

    Trade schools in Los Angeles are built on a solid foundation of academic experience, especially Advanced College in South Gate. The founders of Advanced College have 40 years of experience when they opened their own institute of higher learning in 1999, which means Advanced College was student-oriented from day one. Our reputation as a leading vocational nursing & Allied Health school in Los Angeles is well-established, but that is just the beginning. Our expansive South Gate Campus has grown in our time as a school in order to make room for our daily operations. However, our expansion goes beyond the boundaries of our walls.