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Acupuncture Schools - Not Just About Needles

Though some may be squeamish about acupuncture for fear of needles, students who are enrolled in acupuncture schools soon discover that acupuncture is not just about needles; in fact, they learn that there is a rich history and medicinal explanation that accommodates much of what acupuncture and Oriental medicine entails.

We all envision patients being probed and prodded with long, pointy needles, but did you know that needling is done with ultra-fine, hair-like needles that are virtually painless? In all actuality, acupuncture and oriental medicine schools are a great investment not only for future practitioners but for community resources as well. You've heard the phrase, "...the more you learn..." This is especially true when it comes to acupuncture.

Acupuncture apprentices learn not only about "needling" techniques but they also receive a broad curriculum in anatomy and physiology, Chinese medical terminology, Chinese medicine theories (TCM, pathology, etc.), diagnostic methods and symptoms, cell biology, biochemistry and blood work, moxibustion, cupping, oriental bodywork (tuina), qi qong, Chinese herbal medicine, internal medicine, and homeopathy. Students may also be exposed to numerous related studies, such as chiropractic techniques and massage or massage therapy, for instance.

A vast school of thought, acupuncture courses encompass a number of practical applications. Tuina massage, for example is whereby students learn basic hand methods and full body treatments with the inclusion of Oriental medicine theories in Yin and Yang; and the Five Elements. Furthermore, future acupuncturists begin to understand the ancient medical wisdoms and concepts that can still be applied today in a variety of health treatments for disease and other disorders.

Yes, acupuncture is definitely more than just needles. As a delicate system of health care, traditional Chinese medicine is comprised of valuable insight and knowledge in relation to theoretical meridians (channels) and qi (life force or life energy). Students are taught how these intricate components can be gently manipulated in combination (or separately) through acupuncture, herbal medicine and other oriental medical disciplines to restore harmony and balance to the body. These, and related principle philosophies, are what continue to preserve the reputation of acupuncture and to reflect the power of innate healing capabilities that can be experienced through an alternative, yet natural means.

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