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For some people, expressing feelings emotionally can be a difficult task. With dance therapy, movement, rhythm and music can be a powerful aid for emotional healing.
An alternative method to conventional treatment, somatic therapy uses the body and its physical cues as a means to understanding emotions. Learn more about somatic therapy.
The ancient art of acupuncture was developed in China more than 2,000 years ago as a natural healing method that allows the
What's in a word? Acupuncture is derived from Latin and the literal translation is "needle prick" from "acus" and "pungere." The ancient
Acupuncture schools train prospective candidates to become licensed acupuncturists (L.Ac.). Professional degree offerings include Master's in Acupuncture, Master's of Science in Acupuncture,
As acupuncture becomes increasingly popular, acupuncture schools are meeting the growing demand for skilled practitioners.
Though some may be squeamish about acupuncture for fear of needles, students who are enrolled in acupuncture schools soon discover that acupuncture
The practice of acupuncture is now recognized by the medical establishment as a valid healing art, and aspiring acupuncturists are turning to
Acupuncture schools teach an ancient healing art that is among the oldest medical procedures still in use today. Acupuncture is believed to
Acupuncture schools teach the practice of this ancient Chinese healing method for treating illnesses and various conditions related to stress and loss
As the practice of acupuncture gains acceptance in the United States, it is not surprising that it can be used as a
For those of you who sincerely desire to help patients in a natural way and you're not squeamish about needles (even little
Alternative medicine schools instruct in health and medical disciplines that are used in place of, or in addition to, conventional medicine. In
Some in the conventional medical community may argue that alternative medicine is pseudoscience, but in all actuality, alternative medicine schools are beginning
The growth of the alternative medicine field has truly been phenomenal over the past few decades. With that expansion, society has had
With the renewed interest in alternative medicine, students and adult learners are flocking to alternative medicine schools to gain an educational edge
Students who are looking for a unique and remarkable health care education may find that a Traditional Chinese Medicine school (TCM) might
If you are seeking a distinctive health care education, then perhaps you might consider enrolling in a Chinese medicine school. Today, more
As the industry of alternative healthcare continues to grow in demand, students who plan to enter the field of medicine may consider
Prospective students who are seeking a natural healing education may be interested in attending a chiropractic school. As a well-known principle, chiropractic
As with most medical schools, prospective students who are seeking an education at a chiropractic school will need to fulfill certain requirements
What a difference a day makes...or in the case of chiropractics, more than a century. Chiropractic schools have gone through an evolutionary
Colonic hydrotherapy schools give prospective students a unique option to gain an alternative and natural education in colon hydrotherapy. Colonic hydrotherapy is
Degree programs in natural healing are provided in complementary medicine and alternative healing practices to gain a holistic education. You can get natural healing degrees ranging from certificates and diplomas all the way to respected doctorate degrees.
Remember how we learned about the elements in high school? Well, five element acupuncture schools enlighten students about the specific elements of
Foot reflexology schools provide an ancient healing art that helps patients to naturally reduce stress and promote self-healing through noninvasive therapeutic touch.
Acupressure schools can provide an opportunity for a career in a growing field. Use these tips to help you choose the right acupressure school program and employer following graduation.
Because holistic schools offer such a diverse variety of educational choices in the field of health care, many prospective students are leaning
Massage therapists are growing in number--and growing in demand. Learn how the best massage therapy schools can prepare you for a career in the field.
Some individuals assume that hydrotherapy is just a rehabilitative treatment for patients suffering from sports and other injuries; but hydrotherapy schools aim
As an alternative health treatment, hypnotherapy is an application used to relieve pain or symptoms in relation to an individual's mental state.
Most of us have seen comedians performing "hypnosis" tricks on television and onstage, but did you know that hypnotherapy schools do exist
Contrary to common belief, massage schools offer more than just coursework in massage and bodywork; there are a great number of massage
Have you always found the sciences to be more interesting than literature? Are you fascinated by the human body - inside and
There are hundreds of massage therapy schools, each offering a vast variety of massage and bodywork modalities to their students. The most
There's nothing like a good massage to promote relaxation and an overall feeling of health. Massage therapy schools train students in the
Massage therapy schools can prepare you for becoming a member of the growing industry of healthcare providers, in a relatively lucrative, interesting,
Are you seeking a course of study that can set you on a new career path? Perhaps you should look into Massage
The people who seek the talents of a professional massage therapist can be very different from each other and have very different
Is a career in massage therapy right for you? For those of you who are interested in natural healing, have a genuine
If you are looking to attend massage therapy school, you will find that curriculums can vary considerably in approach and philosophy to
If you are interested in learning massage skills to advance your career, you will soon discover that Massage Therapy Schools are plentiful
Though massage is often thought of as simple bodywork, it is actually quite diversified and is branched into several massage modalities and
Students can now enroll in massage therapy schools that offer advanced courses in a wide range of modalities. While practical training ranges
There are a lot of good reasons to seek natural healing certification, and you will find some accredited certificate programs in natural healing on SchoolsGalore.com. 
The practice of naturopathic medicine may seem a bit "way out" for some folks, but it is becoming more and more mainstream
While many high school students will enter traditional colleges at summer's end, quite a few others will be taking a different educational
The promotion of good health, rather than the curing of disease, is a growing concern of a more health-conscious public today. Naturopathic
Like many alternative medicine schools, naturopathic schools offer a variety of certificate and degree programs with an emphasis on natural healing. To
If you are interested in becoming a licensed naturopathic physician, there are several naturopathic schools from which to choose. Once admitted to
Put very simply, naturopathy is the practice of natural medicine, and this unique practice makes it possible for the human body to
Naturopathic schools are often an alternative educational option to prospective students who are actively seeking a career as a naturopathic doctor (commonly
Oriental medicine school curriculums are derived from both Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Traditional Korean medicine. One of the more common degree programs
Many individuals believe that professional certifications only exist in the conventional education sector, but did you know that the vast majority of
Natural health schools take it upon themselves to teach their students all about the natural human body and how herbs, nutrition, and
As reflexology gains wider acceptance among the general public, job opportunities are growing for trained practitioners. Learn how reflexology schools can prepare you for this satisfying career.
If you've taken general high school or vocational courses in biology, chemistry, health or nutrition and find ancient healing arts attractive to
Massage therapy provides pain relief and other health benefits to patients. Learn how to become a massage therapist--the career and educational requirements.