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Massage Therapy Schools and Your Future Career

Is a career in massage therapy right for you? For those of you who are interested in natural healing, have a genuine desire to help others and are debating which healing art education you'd like to pursue, perhaps you should explore the possibility of enrolling in one of many massage therapy schools.

The massage therapy field offers promising potential and increased job opportunities: Prospective students who elect to participate in massage therapy programs are fast learning that many health care providers and even insurance companies are widely beginning to accept massage therapy as an effective treatment and preventive care therapy for an extensive variety of illnesses and injuries.

The vast majority of schools for massage therapy offer comprehensive, hands-on training to students in several modalities. The more recognized areas of massage therapy include Chair Massage; Deep Muscle Therapy; Manual Lymphatic Drainage; Medical Massage; Myotherapy; Shiatsu: Sports Massage; Swedish Massage; Thai Massage; Therapeutic Massage and Trigger Point.

Though curriculums vary from school to school, most standard courses include basic massage therapy training such as Swedish and Sports Massage. Students who complete their education in massage therapy are often required by law to pass a National or State Certification Exam; and are often prompted to maintain their certification through continuing education programs to stay abreast of new techniques and technology. Furthermore, for intensive training in the field of medical massage, students may also be required to attain a degree.

In addition to field-specific massage therapy training, students will also gain an overall understanding of massage therapy practice through coursework in anatomy; business; body and motion mechanics; ethics; kinesiology; and physiology.

Whether one desires to open his or her own massage therapy practice or work in one of many medical care or health-related facilities, it is vital to acquire appropriate skills and education through an accredited massage therapy school first. Once the mandatory requisites have been met, professional massage therapists will have the know-how to help patients and clients through noninvasive treatments; and can expect respectable hourly wages for their efforts.

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