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Massage Therapy Schools and Career Opportunities

The people who seek the talents of a professional massage therapist can be very different from each other and have very different needs and purposes. Some people just want a stress-buster, while others need therapeutic work to recover from injury. Therapeutic massage can reduce physical pain and mental stress; other types of massage promote the healing of body, mind and spirit; others simply relax and soothe the client. The numerous massage therapy schools found in the U.S. and Canada provide various massage training programs to accommodate the needs of all clients.

Research has shown that body massage has become main stream. Young adults as well as the more mature are choosing to gain relief from stress and pain through regular therapeutic body massage. Clients may be victims of accidents, people with disabilities, people with soft tissue injuries, people with arthritis, or people with heart disease and other internal illnesses. Clients seek therapeutic massage to alleviate everyday stress and strain, to promote meditation, and to improve mental function.

Massage is more and more frequently gifted to loved ones for the luxury of the attention to their bodies, for relaxation, and for the promotion of general health and wellbeing. Mothers-to-be may desire the benefit of specialized forms and techniques of prenatal massage. At-risk infants sometimes need the care of a trained therapist who uses massage to stimulate their tiny circulatory system, a process that can induce the will to live.

If you aspire to a career in massage therapy, you may prepare yourself in massage schools for delivering the types of massage requested by various clients with various needs. You may choose to specialize in modalities of massage that suit your interests and goals. If you would prefer working with the injured who need massage to heal, there are medical massage schools from which you may get your education in this field of health care. If you think you might prefer working in a luxury spa, Eastern methods of massage may be your bet for learning massages and treatments that include aromatherapy, acupressure, and reflexology. Massage schools may also prepare you to work with clients through herbal means.

Clients looking for relaxation may prefer Swedish massage, a form of full-body massage that includes long strokes and kneading of muscle and soft tissue to ease tension, soothe muscles, and increase circulation to promote relaxation of the entire body. Full-body massage therapists may include the use of mud baths, hot and cold packs, aromatherapy, essential oils, bathing, facials, electrical stimulation, and more in their services.

There are many additional needs that match forms of massage: aromatherapy massage incorporates the use of scented essential oils, warm stone massage uses warmed stones placed in strategic areas of the body, hydrotherapy makes use of hot and cold water techniques, yoga massage focuses on energy lines and stretching, deep tissue massage concentrates on reducing tension and spasms in muscles. Eastern or Oriental styles of massage may include various modalities that promote natural healing, such as Shiatsu massage, which uses forceful touch, and reflexology for the release of blocked energies. Then there are the massage therapies that focus on physical and/or mental performance: neuromuscular massage, sports massage, chair massage, and those massage therapies that focus on musculoskeletal functions.

Whatever your future clients may be looking for in the area of massage, you may be prepared to perform in the modalities that most interest and engage you. Just be sure to choose a massage therapy school that may give you the experience, knowledge, and skills you need to succeed.

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