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Massage Therapy - Who Makes a Good Massage Therapist?

Have you always found the sciences to be more interesting than literature? Are you fascinated by the human body - inside and out? Do you enjoy helping others feel good? If so, maybe you should consider a career in massage therapy.

Massage therapy education almost always includes the basic fundamental forms and functions of the human body. When you enter into an intensive massage therapy program of study, you can bet required courses will include biology, anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pathology, and some form of psychology.

To be a good masseuse, you also have to enjoy working with and helping people. Your massage education will prepare you for working with people through various classes such as psychology and customer service. You might also be provided with the history, theory, and practical application of massage therapy techniques. If your focus is on rehabilitation, your school should cover the proper methods for medical massage.

It might surprise you that massage schools can also teach you how to operate a massage therapy business of your own. Business courses will include computer functions and usage, management, marketing, business accounting, professional ethics, and state laws and regulations.

Choose your massage education carefully and properly, though. If you are intending to become a massage therapy student, look for an accredited school and program that has gone through the approval process. Industry approved curriculums that have received accreditation will have one or more of these organizational initials attached: COMTA, ACCSCT, ACCET, ABHES, NACCAS, or AMTA. There may be others specific to the region in which you study or intend to work. Do some research. Ask questions. A reputable school should be more than willing to discuss accreditation with you. Massage schools without a willingness to discuss accreditation, or those that do not have accreditation symbols attached to their programs, may not be worth your time, your hard-earned cash, or the certification they may offer.

Do some soul-searching to see if a course in massage therapy is right for you. Then choose your school wisely and you will be on your way to becoming the successful massage therapist you want to be.

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