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Naturopathic Schools Offer Advanced Education

If you are interested in becoming a licensed naturopathic physician, there are several naturopathic schools from which to choose. Once admitted to a naturopathic school, you will be presented with courses that teach traditional medicine as well as those of naturopathic medicine. You will study medical sciences as well as holistic medicine, which aims to prevent disease and to promote optimal wellness.

Many alternative healing schools offer an advanced course of study leading to the Naturopathic Physician (ND) degree, which generally takes four years to complete. Studies can be rigorous. You may be required to master such subjects as human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology, herbology, homeopathy, and some forms of traditional Chinese medicine. You might also expect courses in psychology and counseling, as naturopathic medicine engages extensively in working directly with patients to change lifestyles to promote healing, which is difficult to do in many cases.

Naturopathy schools teach the uses of elements of fresh air, sunlight, natural diet, and pure water to promote natural healing, and you will learn how to integrate many diverse methods to achieve health. You will also learn to use complementary medicine, nutrition, herbs, meditation, balance, energy flow, and physical exercises (tai chi, yoga, and Pilates) to promote health in your clients.

Many schools also offer individual courses in naturopathic medicine to students who want to learn more about particular subjects, such as homeopathy, medicinal plants, hydrotherapy, massage, iridology, nutrition, etc. Some naturopathy schools offer single courses and even extensive programs in naturopathic medicine through their online venues.

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