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Oriental Medicine Schools - Certificate and Degree Programs

Oriental medicine school curriculums are derived from both Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Traditional Korean medicine. One of the more common degree programs that are offered at an Oriental medicine schools is the Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This particular program is comprised of coursework in clinical studies, Chinese classical applications, Chinese medical terminology, evidence-based medicine, and family medicine.

Alternative medicine schools that offer a degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine will include in-depth studies in mental health, geriatrics, orthopedics, neurology, women's health, preventive medicine, pediatrics, principles and theories of Chinese medicine, translation of Chinese medical language and terminology, and clinical and practical training in acupuncture, in addition to internship.

Aside from degree programs in Oriental medicine and acupuncture, students may well have further degree options in Chinese herbal medicine. What's more, Oriental medicine schools also extend Associates, diploma and certificate programs to their students in a variety of health fields. For example, if you are interested in bodywork, Oriental medicine schools frequently provide diploma programs in massage therapy, holistic health, Asian body therapy, and Tuina. Some practitioners will go on to specialize in acupuncture or chiropractics.

Similar to regular massage schools, Oriental massage programs usually run about 500 class hours, and involve hands-on training in Tuina and Shiatsu. Programs for holistic health practitioners are typically intensive and longer in duration, and entail added academics in clinical instruction and Oriental medical theories. Other Oriental medicine school courses may include Associate Degree programs in massage therapy, with an emphasis on Chinese medicine theories. Upon successful completion of an Oriental medicine course, such as the Oriental massage therapy Associate degree program, the student may take a licensure exam to become a licensed massage therapist.

For prospective students, there are many attainable certificate and degree options available in Oriental medicine. Your success in earning your unique education depends entirely on you.

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