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Accounting Schools Online - Yes, They Do Exist!

Yes, you can get an accounting degree while studying in the comfort of your own home. Earning your accounting degree can be done through distance learning and online schools from a qualified, accredited college or university. (Be sure the school you choose is accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies and/or one of the national accrediting agencies that review educational programs. Do your homework before enrolling or forking over any money!)

If you are just beginning to consider your secondary education, an online school will let you get ahead without sacrificing your job or your family's happiness, or requiring lengthy daily commutes to a campus to get your education in a traditional setting.

Online accounting schools offer the same diplomas and certificates, and associate, bachelor, and master degrees that are offered in traditional colleges and universities. The difference is that you can do all your studying and preparation at your own convenience. Online schools and distance learning programs allow students to prepare for entry- or advanced-level accounting positions or specialize in focused areas of accounting, such as finance, financial planning, financial management, or CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Most true accounting positions require at least a bachelor degree in accounting; however, the professional accountant can expect greater career success with a Master of Business Degree (MBA) and certification or licensure in accounting. Master degree studies provide proficiency in accounting and computer software auditing programs, or can be focused on gaining specializations that give job seekers a strong advantage in the marketplace.

So, if you have big ambitions but little time to study, maybe you should give it a whirl. Studying online can be a blast, and the results could give your career the boost you need to succeed.

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