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Distance Learning Schools Compared to Campus-Based Schools

Have you ever wondered if distance learning schools really offer a quality education? When compared side-by-side with traditional colleges and universities, distance learning schools get very good marks! Campus-based schools are no longer the only possible method of studying for a degree while raising a family and keeping up with the home.

Many accredited colleges and universities, as well as vocational and technical schools, are now offering their educational degree programs through distance learning and online methods. Undergraduate as well as graduate programs are available to students, many of whom find it easier or more convenient to study at home than to commute to classes. Perhaps the greatest advantage to attending distance learning school is that students may keep their jobs alive while studying for online degrees or advanced certificates.

High school students may often get a jump on their college education through online or distance learning programs while they are still in high school. Fast food workers may continue to earn an income to pay for their vocational training or college education through online schools.

Online and distance learning may offers options to degree and practicing professionals: businessmen who want to advance their skills for promotions to management positions, nurses who choose to advance into healthcare education programs, and physicians who wish to add new skills to their practices.

Online courses may include college courses in business, i.e., management, accounting, technology, education, health and human services, engineering and psychology, arts and photography, to name just a few. Online academic standards can be high, the faculty can be very experienced, and the curriculum rigorous. Students may often share their learning experiences with their peers through discussion boards.

Online and distance learning programs may be richly rewarding as well as rigorous and demanding. The graduates of online colleges have as many opportunities to enrich and advance their lives as do those who spend their days on campus.

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