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Online Universities: Medical Fields of Study

Prospective students who aspire to attain a medically-related education through an online university will uncover a large number of schools offering an immense assortment of health disciplines from which to choose.

In addition to medical office assisting, online universities frequently provide certification programs in child psychology, dental assisting, fitness and nutrition, medical coding, medical billing, medical transcribing, occupational therapy aide, pharmacy technician, physical therapy aide, phlebotomy, surgical technician, veterinary assistant, X-ray technician, and numerous other academic choices.

Online universities commonly offer continuing education credits to professionals in an array of health sciences to help maintain professional standards of practice and to keep practitioners abreast of new technologies and medical advancements. Some online universities offer diversified subject matter such as bioterrorism, pathology and physiology, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, geriatric healthcare management issues, chronic disease studies, ethical guidelines, immunology, oncology, family practice, cardiac imaging, women's healthcare, and so much more.

In many instances, online universities extend degree program opportunities in a myriad of healthcare-associated fields, too. Of those fields, students may opt to enroll in an Associates, Bachelors or Master's program in healthcare management, Healthcare Sciences, Public Health Administration, Advanced Physician Assistant, Doctor of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Science in Natural Health, Health Services Administration, Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition, Health Information Technology, MBA in Health Care Management, and numerous other health studies.

For students or professional practitioners who are seeking diploma programs, online schools will regularly afford educational prospects. Today, candidates can select from a vast assortment of certificate/diploma courses comprised of life care planning, case management, health services management, workplace psychology, emergency and disaster management, forensic nursing, and medical office administration.

While there are countless healthcare-related disciplines from which to select, universities online provide their students with the most up-to-date technology and assorted healthcare training programs via distance learning. As the demand increases for online degree programs and e-learning, students will eventually be able to enroll in even more broadened categories of the healthcare industry.

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