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Surgical Technician Online Schools: Finding the One that's Right for You

For students who are interested in the medical field but don't have the time to physically commute to a campus, an online surgical technician school might be appropriate.

Online surgical technician schools offer a broad variety of educational programs that are designed to prepare students for assorted positions in the surgical technology field. Typically, an online surgical technician course may take up to 12 months, but encompasses in-depth curriculum in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, strategies in success, health and safety methods, laboratory and pharmacology, microbiology (relevant to surgical technology), surgical procedures and techniques, and other associated coursework.

Students will gain skills and education that are necessary to be able to perform the functions of a surgical technician. Surgical technicians prepare surgical instruments which are used during surgery, and pass the correct instruments to specific surgical team members. Additionally, surgical technicians assist surgical staff by properly positioning patients and surgical equipment for surgery.

Successful graduates will attain a diploma or certificate of completion and may apply for entry-level positions in the field of surgical technology. Professional surgical technicians may opt to take a surgical technician online school course for continuing education credit and to improve career prospects as well.

As with most medical-related professions, graduates can expect a faster-than-average job growth in the field of surgical technology. Salaries vary depending on education and experience; however, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, surgical technicians may anticipate pay ranging from $23,000 to over $45,000 annually.

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