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Administration Degree Programs

Top Administration Schools Administration schools can help you get into a challenging and rewarding career in the field of business administration. lists several accredited office administration schools as well as public administration schools. You will also find a number of good executive assisting schools to help you train for a career as a respected and well-paid executive assistant for a top business leader.

Every office in the world needs educated administrators to manage an efficient, uncluttered workplace and keep the wheels of business greased and rolling. The administration schools offer all levels of certificate programs and degree programs in administration for occupations in health care, business, or public administration. Office administration courses can include medical office administration training with instruction in transcription and billing and coding; or you could enter a computer networking program and learn to be a network administrator; or you might have your sites set on learning to be an office professional or secretary. There are many good reasons to seek administration training, and choices are up to you!

Below Are Some Of The Administration Degree Programs Available On

Executive Assisting

There are several levels of executive assisting education, from certification courses for office professionals to graduate degree programs in business administration. Training at executive assisting schools may begin with the basics of office management, including telephone courtesy, typing, filing, and other organizational methods. Some may seek a certificate in a specific executive assisting software program, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Many employers will be satisfied with an associate's or a bachelor's degree. But, for top training in executive assisting, the dedicated professional will commit to a master's in business administration degree program (MBA).

Business Administration

It is well-known that the more business administration education you have, the better your chances for success in business. There are many accredited administration schools and colleges that offer secretarial certificates and undergraduate degrees for entry-level positions in office administration. An associate's degree will take approximately two years and a bachelor's degree in business administration takes about four years to complete. Perhaps the most familiar of business administration training would be MBA degree programs which can take five or six years of fulltime study and provide a wealth of employment rewards. Think about what you hope to gain from learning about business administration and choose the school and degree program that will work best for you.

Office Administration

The best office administration training will fully prepare you to enter the workforce with confidence. Every office is different and there are many specialties in office administration courses, such as public office administration or medical office administration, for example. Undergraduate degrees in office management (associate's and bachelor's) are common and are well-regarded by employers across almost every field of business. Of course, a master's of business degree with an emphasis on office administration would be the gold standard for a position as an executive assistant, and an MBA might even qualify you to join the faculty of a college and instruct others. Check with individual office administration schools to find the course that best suits your vision for the future.

Public Administration

Learning to manage a public office can be a challenging and personally rewarding course. Public administration schools can prepare you to work in a government setting where you might be responsible for providing social services to the public. Some good office administration education will go a long way towards learning to be a public administrator. As you learn the responsibilities of an office professional, the best public administration training could also include classes in behavioral sciences, sociology, psychology and counseling. If you want to find the best education available, look to accredited public administration schools to offer the guidance and assurance you seek.

Learn More About Accredited Administration Schools And Colleges

Only the best administration schools and colleges can claim to be accredited, making accreditation a sure indicator of quality education. For example, administration schools accredited by an organization such as The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools will have passed a rigorous inspection of their faculty, curriculum and educational quality to achieve the status of fully accredited colleges. There are several professional organizations that are fully authorized to accredit the best colleges and universities, and their endorsement is a stamp of approval you can count on. Be sure to consider only accredited administration schools in your quest for top administration education.

Find Some Of The Administration Degree Programs Schools And Colleges

Select your program of interest from the menu above to find accredited administration courses accepting inquiries today. We also urge you to look at business schools and medical office administration training on for more options. Contact as many colleges and universities as you like to request more information. Once you have all the materials in hand you will be able to make an informed decision, choosing your best school for administration training.

ABOUT ACCREDITATION: Official accreditation is your assurance of a quality education. Please be sure to check that your schools of interest have all been fully accredited by professional accrediting organizations that are approved by The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) or The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or both.