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Agriculture Schools & Colleges

Top Agriculture Schools Agriculture schools and colleges offer courses and degrees in many fields and areas of agriculture and agribusiness. Students taking agriculture may focus on subjects of animal care, crop management, turfgrass sciences, botany, textiles, and much more.

Agriculture schools may provide students with programs of study to change careers, to further education for career advancement, or to satisfy personal interest. Studies in agriculture may net diplomas, certificates, and associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. One-year diplomas in agribusiness management may prepare students for entry-level positions in production, wholesale, and retail.

Agriculture schools and colleges may provide studies in dairy sciences; animal sciences; animal and human medicine and pharmaceuticals; biotechnology, including food and feed; and in plant and animal sciences.

Diplomas and certificates from agriculture schools are appropriate for those who plan to continue studies for Bachelor of Science degrees (BS) in agriculture to prepare for entrance into fields of management, plant sciences, livestock nutrition and reproduction, veterinary sciences, or any other of the many fields of agriculture.

Master of Science (MS) degree programs in agriculture colleges may build on the liberal arts foundations of bachelor degrees. These programs of study may include classes in advanced mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, business, and economics. Master degree agriculture students may choose to specialize in animal health and environmental interactions; biotechnology; food, nutrition, nutritional physiology, and production; and animal sciences that include beef and dairy cattle, poultry, sheep, and swine. Agriculture courses may place emphasis on areas of practical, professional, and technical skills of management, research, or education.

Doctorate (PhD) degrees from agriculture schools and colleges may focus on agricultural sciences that prepare for applications of specific knowledge, education, research, and technical applications to performance and management of agricultural operations.

Some agriculture schools may provide the study of turfgrasses. Sod production, landscape design and management, public parks, school grounds, athletic fields, golf courses, cemeteries, and other public and private surfaces are the focus of these programs.

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