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Top Online Behavioral Sciences Schools

Top Online Behavioral Sciences Schools People who want to learn to be counselors, psychologists, social workers or sociologists are required to study behavioral sciences, and you will find a number of accredited schools and colleges offering online behavioral sciences courses. There are many directions one can go in when it comes to learning behavioral sciences online, from human development to pastoral counseling and beyond. The best news about getting an online degree in behavioral sciences is that you can work at your own pace and learn in the comfort of your own home.


The study of behavioral sciences can be applied to many diverse fields of human behavior. There are online degrees offered at every level, beginning with associate of science degrees (AS) and bachelor of science degrees (BS) with emphasis on behavioral sciences.

Advanced studies allow students to achieve master's degrees (MS) and even doctorate's degrees online (PhD). Graduate studies can branch into specialties such as counseling and psychology, human resources management, human development, sociology, and others. As remarkable as it sounds, gaining top online behavioral sciences training can help you learn to be a psychologist online while rarely, if ever, setting foot on a campus! You can find a number of excellent online schools teaching behavioral sciences on SchoolsGalore.com.


Counseling Online

Regulations can vary from state to state, but many states grant licenses to counselors who have comprehensive online training in counseling. Online counseling studies can include classes in family therapy, relationship counseling, business advising, and a lot more. Online counseling schools can allow students to achieve associate's degrees with about two years of full-time study; then add one or two more years of education to get bachelor's degrees online. In addition to obtaining an online counseling degree, graduates must complete about 2,000 hours of internship in the field to become a licensed counselor in most states.

Human Development Online

There is a special place for those who care about children's development and those who work with the developmentally challenged; and you can learn all about human development online. It is possible to get an online degree in human development in about 18 months or less, but many students will opt to continue studies to the level of bachelor's degrees, master's degrees or doctorate's degree online. The beauty of online human development schools is the flexible pace of study that allows students to stop and resume at will; you can hurry up the process or take a few good years to earn that valuable degree.

Pastoral Counseling Online

Online pastoral counseling schools are focused on the spiritual aspects of the counseling profession, and students must obtain a minimum of master's degrees in pastoral counseling to qualify for licensure. Those who intend to enter into the ministry may study pastoral counseling online to gain a foothold that will serve them well over a lifetime. Online pastoral counseling training can teach you to provide spiritual counseling to a congregation, a family or individual clients. Graduates with proper training and degrees may apply for certification from the American Association of Pastoral Counseling (AAPC).

Psychology Online

There are several levels of online psychology training available. With a background in an appropriate field, students may achieve online certification in mental health counseling in less than two years. It is possible to learn to be a psychologist online at your own pace and in your own environment. Online psychology schools provide classes in behavioral sciences that would include the theories and applications of sociology, psychology, mental health, and human development, among many others.

Sociology Online

Another interesting field of online study would include sociology, and most behavioral sciences courses will include social studies. Online sociology classes will delve into how humans relate socially to one another and in groups. Students may choose to focus on criminal behavior, family structures, business relationships, and other types of social interactions. Online sociology schools can provide single classes in sociology, or degree programs that can range from associate's all the way to doctorate's degrees online. If you want to learn to be a sociologist, you may find online sociology training to be a great way to go.


Select a program of interest from the drop-down menu above to find online schools for behavioral sciences. If you want to delve deeply into the human psyche and learn what makes us all tick, an online college or university can help you get started on that degree you need to be an expert in the field of behavioral sciences.

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