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Top Online Computer Repair Schools (PC Repair Online)

Top Online Computer Repair SchoolsIf your computer wont’ boot, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Touching the main circuit boards of the computer can cause electro-static shock and destroy possibly working components. Pierce a power cable and you could be shocked with hundreds of volts of electricity and if working on a laptop, the internal components could be irreparably broken simply by opening the case. However, with the abundance of personal computers and computerized office machines, there are a number of computer PC repairers and technicians who are able to fix your computer.

Additionally, as the need for professional computer repairers is growing, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS (BLS.gov, 2012) expects the computer repair and support professions to seen an increase of more than 100,000 new jobs from 2010 to the end of 2020 as organizations upgrade their computer equipment and software.

While programs for computer repair, of all types of computers, are widely available, very few repair programs can be completed entirely online and even then they may require on-site attendance. Online courses are available to meet the continuing education requirements of certification providers and provide a flexible way for current professionals to keep themselves up to date on emerging technology. However certification often requires hands on training and experience as well. Check with your school to determine which online computer repair programs allow distance education in their training courses.

U.S. News & World Report routinely publishes a ranking of graduate schools and universities based a range of categories such as alumni size and entrance exam test scores. The following six schools have been ranked as the top vocational and technical schools for computer repair by U.S. News & World Report. Like many vocational schools, for students without prior work experience, hands-on training will be required to complete the program.

1.  Pennsylvania State University
2.  Ohio State University
2.  University of Georgia
4.  University of Minnesota
5.  Virginia Tech
6.  Oklahoma State University

Below are some of the Computer Repair focuses available from schools and colleges on SchoolsGalore.com

Computer repair technicians and support specialists can be employed by companies as members of their IT department or they can work for third party or small, specialty repair centers. In some cases a repair technician may work in a call centers where they help costumers remotely.

Computer repair technicians works with a computer’s internal hardware rather than software or programs, as a result, the BLS (BLS.gov, 2012) reports that a technician will often work with a multimeter (which measures electrical functions of a circuit) or anti-static cords. The BLS (BLS.gov, 2012) also suggests that an understanding of or training in electronics may required for employment.

Training courses may focus on proper output voltage and current of a computer’s power supply, how to properly install circuit boards and processors, how to diagnose hardware issues and how to properly handle computer components to avoid static discharge.

While there are many distance-learning, and partially online, courses available for computer repair and electronics, some courses may require hands-on aspects which must be done at an on-site location.

Just as with other IT professional focuses, certification can sometimes be more important than education. Certification is available from multiple product providers such as CompTIA and Cisco as well as the Electronic Technicians Association International. While the certification exams may be taken online, the material covered in these exams draws heavily from practical experiences covered in the hands-on portion of training courses.

The BLS (BLS.gov, 2012) notes the national median pay for computer repairers in May 2011 was $36,360 per year and the BLS (BLS.gov, 2012) expects the profession to experience an employment growth of up to seven percent from 2010 to 2020. Growth is projected to be a result of an increased modernization of information technology infrastructure and the reliance upon computers for day-to-day operations.

Learn more about accredited Computer Repair programs from schools and colleges on SchoolsGalore.com

When researching colleges and universities, make sure to verify that your choice of school is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council or by another accrediting agency that approved by The U.S. Department of Education or The Council for Higher Education Accreditation, or both. DETC and CHEA both provide a searchable list of approved schools.


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