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Teacher Education and Training Schools

Top Education Schools Learning to be a teacher is a noble aspiration, and you may get teacher training form a education schools in the nation. Whether you want to learn to be an elementary school teacher or a college professor it is essential that you receive good training in education. 

Teacher's aides and teacher assistants can be qualified to work alongside a licensed educator with two years of education training culminating in an associate's degree. Licensed elementary school teachers are required to possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree in education as well as supervised experience in the field. Teaching in a college or university demands a graduate degree, such as a master's degree in education or a doctorate's degree. Whatever your educational goal, there is a college or university ready to help you achieve it.

Below Are Some Of The Accredited Education Degree Programs And Teaching Courses Available On Schoolsgalore.com:

Elementary Education

If you enjoy working around children, the best part of elementary education training is that you will have plenty of face-time with all ages. Learning to be an elementary teacher begins with a good foundation in general education, including English reading and writing, history, mathematics, social studies, etc. Aspiring educators can enter a bachelor's degree program and receive an education degree in approximately four years. Elementary teachers can specialize in one or more aspects of elementary education, such as physical education or science, if desired. The sky is the limit - the higher your level of degree in education the further your teaching prospects will expand.


Teacher training often gains a foothold in vocational teaching programs where students can gain practical experience while learning to be pre-school teachers, teaching aides and teaching assistants. Those who want to be at the head of the class will find many teaching schools, colleges and universities offering accredited bachelor degree programs in education. These degree programs often allow students to specialize in certain branches of teaching, such as music education, computer education, or special needs education. If you are ready to go all the way to the top of higher education, look to grad schools to get that valuable master's degree in education or even a PhD.

Learn More About Accredited Education Schools And Colleges

The most important element to your education training is to find a good college or university that is accredited by a nationally-recognized accrediting agency, such as the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Be sure to consider only education schools that carry such a credential, as national accreditation is a seal of approval for educational quality amongst educators, educational institutions, the US Department of Education, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and future employers.

Find Some Of The Teacher Education And Trainitng Schools And Colleges

Go to the menu above and select a degree program to find accredited teaching schools in your area today. Contact a few selected colleges and universities to request in-depth information. Compare all the information you receive from each school to find the best education training to suit your needs.

ABOUT ACCREDITATION: Official accreditation is your assurance of a quality education. Please be sure to check that your schools of interest have all been fully accredited by professional accrediting organizations that are approved by The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) or The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or both.