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Food Science Degree Programs

Top Food Science Programs Curriculums in food science programs will include studies of plant and biology, chemistry, and nutrition. In many cases, engineering will also be a large factor in getting an education in a food science college or university.

Food science courses, whether the student is studying in a four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program or a Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) graduate degree, will address such issues as aquaculture, development and improvement of food products, food processing, food preservation, food packaging, and food distribution. Additional subjects in food science programs may include food nutrition value, health and risk, cleanliness and safety, cost of production, and how well food products fit into family budgets.

Depending on the degree students choose, courses may focus on various aspects of producing plants and animals (agriculture) to be used as food, the physical and biological properties of food products, and nutritive values of available food products. Food science programs may also introduce studies of the chemical nature of plant and animal food products, various facets of indigenous enzymes, and impacts on environments in relation to growth and distribution of food products.

Graduates will find employment in manufacturing, retail, research, and production of foods. Degrees in food science programs may be required in occupations that involve administration or research in areas of food production and processing. Graduate degrees are also required in academic fields of food science.

Graduates of food science programs will find several, as well as a good variety, of jobs that suit their degrees. Entry level jobs for those with undergraduate degrees in food science may start around $45,000, and new employees with graduate degree can expect over $50,000 their first year of employment.

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