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Homebirth Midwifery Schools and Degree Programs

Top Homebirth Midwifery Schools Homebirth midwifery schools and colleges train for care of pregnant women in general good health. Schools for homebirth midwifery include prenatal training, attending the birth, providing postpartum care to the mother and her infant, and methods of becoming familiar with the needs and perspectives of the family. Homebirth midwifery programs include education in homebirth, newborn exams, mother exams, prenatal and postpartum care, laboratory testing, and more. Homebirth midwifery courses may also teach the practice of using alternative therapies, such as specialized exercises, herbs, hydrotherapy, and massage, as well as other protocols.

Homebirth midwifery courses teach students to help maintain a patient's healthy lifestyle, pregnancy, and birthing. Homebirth midwives help practitioners to empower women and their families with the natural experience of birth, allowing a woman to go through the process of birthing in her own home. With the support and encouragement from the homebirth midwife, the home and family are a part of the process, and the woman is able to work with her own body to allow labor to progress through its natural sequence.

Homebirth midwifery schools and colleges train students to become certified specialists in the care of generally healthy women. They also teach recognition of deviations from the norm, but they do not instruct in invasive techniques. Obstetricians, in contrast, are specialists in illness related to childbearing and in surgery, making the two professions complementary to one another. Midwives refer unusual cases to obstetricians when a situation requires care beyond areas of their expertise.

Nurse-midwives that attend homebirth midwifery schools can achieve an advanced nursing degree with a specialty in the practice of obstetrical and gynecological care of relatively healthy women. Most Nurse-Midwives have a master's degree in nursing in addition to a registered license. Nurse-midwives can also prescribe medications in most states.

Direct-entry Midwifery training may also be offered, but can vary greatly. Some holistic learning centers offer degree and certification programs of varying lengths. Students can choose their preference for level and length of study.

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