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Online Law Schools

Top Online Law Schools It is amazing to realize that you can get a law degree online in the comfort of your own home. There are several top online law schools that allow dedicated individuals to learn to be a lawyer online and qualify to take state bar exams (depending on the state). You will also find some good online law studies approved by the American Bar Association to assist you in getting online training towards a traditional law degree. There are also individual online law classes that make a fine adjunct to degree programs in many professional disciplines.

There are several different levels of online law education available. If you plan to enter the legal field as a licensed, practicing attorney you might want to research the online Juris Doctor (JD) degree programs offered on Although the American Bar Association accredits only campus-based law schools at this time, there are some states that permit lawyers with online law degrees to petition to take the state bar exam. Check with individual states to see if online JD degrees will qualify you to take the bar exam and get a state license to practice law.

For those who need legal education and knowledge for professions other than attorney, the online Executive Juris Doctorate program offers an exciting opportunity in online law studies. Many professional careers can be enhanced with specialized online law studies in areas of health care, business, environmental law, communications, forensics, and many more. The online Executive JD program will surely include many of the same law classes as a full Juris Doctorate degree program, but with more flexibility and a specific career focus.

Below Are Some Of The Online Law Programs Available On

Business Law Online

From the tiniest Mom & Pop stores to multi-billion dollar corporations, knowledge of business law is a necessity, and you can learn to be a business lawyer online. Learn about contracts, credit protection, employment laws, insurance, wills, estate planning and much more in online business law schools. Whether you are studying law online in a business degree program, or going all the way to a career as a business attorney, there is an online business law course on to fit your needs.

Civil Law Online

If you see yourself as a champion for noble causes and you enjoy settling legal disputes between individuals or groups, online civil law schools offer classes to satisfy your interest in non-criminal law. Civil law is concerned with all legal matters that are not criminal law, and online civil law studies are primarily concerned with establishing, recovering or addressing civil and private rights. When nations establish laws to protect the personal and civil rights of citizens, it is known as civil law, and learning to be a civil lawyer online could be your most efficient path to a law career.

Criminal Law Online

Sometimes called penal law, the discipline of criminal law can teach you to be an attorney in the criminal justice system. You can learn online to be a defense attorney, public defender or prosecutor. Classes will include topics of punishment, deterrence, incarceration and rehabilitation of criminals, including felons and other criminals who have committed "crimes against the state" and are tried in a courtroom. If a career in the judicial system is your aim, you can't shoot any straighter than an online degree program in criminal law.

Entertainment Law Online

With the phenomenal growth of the entertainment business comes increased criminal activity affecting entertainers and producers. Intellectual property lawyers are in demand all across the Internet gaming business, music business, television, radio and stage. Many accredited colleges and universities are now offering comprehensive online courses in entertainment law where students learn to protect copyrights and licensing agreements, prepare and enforce entertainment contracts, and protect intellectual property rights. If you want to be licensed to give legal advice with regard to the entertainment business, online entertainment law schools may be a good choice for you.

Environmental Law Online

The rallying cry today is "Green up!" and you can legally protect the Earth's water, soil and air by learning to be an environmental lawyer online. Undergraduates may begin with the online study of environmental sciences combined with online legal studies to get a basic foundation. As your online environmental law course advances, in-depth training can prepare you to serve the public as an environmental attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or to be a legal advocate for a private or non-profit environmental organization.

Family Law Online

Learning to practice family law online is a noble path and a civil law specialty that is concerned with domestic relations. Online family law schools can provide instruction in child custody and visitation rights, alimony, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse, marriage, domestic partnerships, divorce, annulment, and other family-related issues. Family courts across North America are clogged with domestic disputes, and you can learn online to be a family lawyer providing a better life and a fair shake for mothers, fathers, children and other family members.

Health Law Online

Medical malpractice lawyers are dedicated to protecting patient rights. You can learn online to litigate against negligent doctors, surgeons and other health care workers who fail to provide adequate treatment or cause personal injury or substantial loss of income. Online health law schools offer training that is focused on understanding the safety and efficacy of proper health care practices with special attention to public health laws, administrative laws, contract laws and med mal (medical malpractice). Health lawyers are taught to understand medical problems and medical laws to help fight for the legal rights of injured patients and their families.

Internet Law Online

Internet crime is on the rise and many businesses and individuals are now looking to Internet lawyers for help. An online course in Internet law can be of supreme benefit to information technicians (IT specialists) and information security technicians, with classes covering Internet privacy, free speech, intellectual property rights, computer hacking, piracy, identity theft, e-business administration, encryption and much more.

Personal Injury Law Online

Another branch of civil law is personal injury, and you can learn to be a personal injury lawyer online. With the help of online personal injury law classes, you can learn about specific state and regional laws, unfair insurance practices, medical malpractice litigation and much more. From dog bites to automobile accidents to property damages, online personal injury schools have classes that can prepare you to litigate any personal injury legal claim to a successful conclusion.

Real Estate Law Online

There is a lot to learn about real estate law and online real estate law schools are ready to help you get the education you need. There are single courses as well as online degree programs in real estate law to consider. Online training in real estate law can include every aspect of realty, including building and construction contracts, foreclosures, mortgages, real estate taxes, and so much more. If you intend to learn to be a real estate professional you will be wise to get some good online law training to enhance your career. For those who want to learn to be a real estate lawyer, you will find great online real estate law training to prepare for a professional legal career.

Tax Law Online

You can get ready to bring out the "big guns" when you learn to be a tax attorney online. Online classes can teach you to be an expert in tax laws, both state and Federal, including tax evasion, estate taxes, income taxes, social security taxes, etc. There are online Juris Doctor programs that specialize in tax law, as well as degree programs in related disciplines. For instance, you could really benefit from some online tax law training if you are getting a degree in accounting or government. has online tax law courses suited for every individual career goal.

Learn More About Accredited Online Law Schools And Colleges

If you are serious about learning to be a licensed attorney, do realize that some states do not recognize online law degrees. Most states will only license attorneys who are educated in a law school approved by the American Bar Association and who pass state bar exams. Although the ABA does not recognize 100 percent online law degrees, the ABA accredits a few, quality online law schools providing online undergraduate training. This is for law students who wish to prepare online to qualify for entry into campus-based, accredited juris doctorate degree programs. You will also find some very fine online colleges and universities that are accredited by other official organizations to provide online training in business law, real estate law and other legal fields. Before enrolling in any online law courses, be sure to learn about individual state bar exam laws, and verify the accreditation status of the school, college or university.

Find Some Of The Online Law Schools

Insert your zip code in the search box above to find accredited online law schools accepting inquiries today. Browse the descriptions of online law schools and feel free to contact as many colleges and universities as you desire to request more information. You will soon have in-depth materials to review and compare, helping you decide if learning law online is the best course for you.

ABOUT ACCREDITATION: Official accreditation is your assurance of a quality education. Please be sure to check that your schools of interest have all been fully accredited by professional accrediting organizations that are approved by The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) or The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or both.