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Law Schools and Degree Programs

Top Law Schools The field of law can be one of the most dynamic, challenging and rewarding of all careers. It takes the student on a very specific and demanding journey. Students attending the top law schools will have many options for practicing as an attorney. A law degree can take a person to trial or litigation in criminal or civil law, family law, consumer law, administrative or corporate law, estate planning, tax or bankruptcy law. As time goes by, more specialties in law are gaining new interest as North America grows and changes. Examples include immigration and oil, gas and mineral law as well as patent and ecological law.

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Accredited law schools provide post-graduate studies, instructing future attorneys in all aspects of the legal system. Candidates for legal studies at the university level are required to hold a minimum of a Bachelor Degree in a related field such as Humanities and Social Sciences or Criminal Justice.

Courses in law that lead to a Master of Science Degree (MS) will take approximately two to three years, and a Doctorate Degree takes about six to seven semesters more. After graduation from law school, attorneys who wish to continue to the doctorate level can obtain the Doctor of Judicial Science (S.J.D.), Doctor of Comparative Law (D.C.L.), and the Juris Doctor (J.D.), or Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.S.D.) All attorneys are required to pass a state bar examination before they can practice law. Attorneys are also required to complete regular Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements in most jurisdictions.

The pay for a law professional can be as varied as the aspect of law. According to statistics from 2007, the annual mean (50 percent) wage for attorneys is between $118,000 and $124,230. Many private practices make much more. Getting started by gaining an education at the accredited law schools is the first step. can assist the aspiring candidate to locate and learn more about the law schools.

Another field of law education is legal and/or paralegal training. These individuals assist the law firm or individual attorneys by doing research, filing briefs interviewing witnesses, drafting motions and subpoenas, and assist lawyers in the courtroom. It can be a rewarding career for someone who is interested in the practice of law but does not yet have the education to become an attorney.

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Accreditation is your assurance that you are receiving a quality law education. All respected law schools in the US must have the approval of the American Bar Association (ABA) in order for their students to qualify to take the bar exam.

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ABOUT ACCREDITATION: Official accreditation is your assurance of a quality education. Please be sure to check that your schools of interest have all been fully accredited by professional accrediting organizations that are approved by The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) or The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or both.