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Online Library Science Degrees (Librarian)

Top Online Library Science Schools Those who are interested in learning to be librarians or media specialists should look into online library science schools and colleges. It is possible to earn a certificate or a degree in library science online to advance a career in teaching, information technology, or library administration.

Online degrees in library science are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students may begin with a few online courses in subjects such as cataloging, classification, media resources, special needs, children's materials, medical literature, and many others. It is possible to enter the field as a library assistant or library technician with a few months of online training. Those interested in becoming full-fledged librarians or entering the field of education will need a minimum of a Masters Degree in Library Science (MLS).

The librarian of today is in charge of much more than books. In fact, librarians are often called media specialists because a modern library contains all various forms of multimedia resources, including magazines, films, CDs, videos, DVDs, information databases, and much more. The librarian is expected to play the role of archivist, collector, coordinator, educator, developer, and administrator.

If your goal is to become the director of a large library or to help others learn library science, you may very well be required to obtain a terminal degree, known as a Doctorate or PhD in Library Science. All levels of degrees can be achieved through online library science schools and colleges. While the path to graduate degrees is intense, graduate students are allowed to specialize in one area of the field that is of particular interest to the student. Graduate degree programs in library sciences can be focused on law, medicine, art, youth and children, education, English literature, media communications, information science, and many other areas. The choices are fascinating and diverse.

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