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Marine Technology Colleges

Top Marine Technology Schools Marine technology schools and colleges are perfect for people who love to "ride the waves" or just spend time near the world's waterways. Most of the earth is covered with oceans, lakes and rivers, and schools for marine technology provide training for careers such as watercraft engineer, marine mechanic, marine scientist, and many others.

There are many nautical professions that would benefit from training from the marine technology schools and colleges. Depending on the specific field of interest, students can specialize in naval architecture, nautical studies, watercraft electrical systems and electronics, marine mechanics, watercraft design and engineering, and others. Marine technology colleges offer advanced training that can lead to many levels of college degree, such as a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Master of Science (MS) in Nautical Studies; or Bachelor of Engineering (BE) or Master of Engineering (ME) in Marine Studies, for instance.

The core curriculum at marine technology schools and colleges will cover general education in mathematics and science, as well as offshore engineering, marine biology, environmental science, marine technology, small craft design, marine classification and survey, conversion and repair of ships and offshore structures, and much more.

Imagine yourself in a well-paid job working around large watercraft, offshore structures, pleasure craft, and water in general. For a professional career that will put you in close proximity to the world's oceans, marine technology schools provide a thorough and comprehensive education in marine technology.

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