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Meridian Therapy Training

Top Meridian Therapy Schools Trying to find out about meridian therapy schools and colleges? Often referred to as a form of acupuncture (and in some cases, acupuncture itself), meridian therapy programs can be found in a wide array of massage schools, kinesiology programs, Chinese medicine schools, Japanese medicine schools, workshops, instructive seminars, and distance learning programs.

Meridian therapy courses are based on Eastern medicine principles, whereby students are taught how to use simple treatment sequences that address a variety of physical and emotional conditions, according to the body's vital energy flow.

Individuals wishing to attend meridian therapy schools and colleges will learn how the human body can be diagnosed and treated through the meridian system (Chi). Gaining the knowledge and training to use meridian-based therapies, students use fundamental rules of energy transfer between meridians and correlating acupressure points, which are stimulated in relation to specific bodily systems.

Depending on meridian therapy schools course requirements or curriculum, hands-on instruction may be required; however, the clear focus of this particular educational program is to enable students to help their clients improve overall health and wellbeing.

Meridian therapy is an alternative and natural therapy, and students will have gained a comprehensive education that allows them to eventually help patients in addressing numerous health conditions, including stress reduction, headache and sinus relief, carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal disorders, as well as circulatory issues.

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