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Technical Support Training

Top Technical Support Training Students studying technical support training will need a good handle on mathematics, computer languages, computer programming, computer analysis, and computer maintenance. Studies that are offered through technical support training programs and courses will include databases, networks, English language skills for technical, professional, and interpersonal communications, as well as support center procedures and practices.

Graduates of technical support training programs will be proficient in analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving. Technicians that have completed their coursework will understand core principles and theories of information technology, and be able to develop and deploy solutions to technical problems.

Career opportunities in technical support depend on the interest and preparation of the student. A technical support associate degree attained through a number of technical support training and courses will allow pursuit of positions as technical support technicians, help desk technicians, technical support representatives, and PC support specialists. Web development, data management, computer programming, and other related positions may also be open to those with associate degrees, which have been earned through a variety of technical support training programs. Depending on the level of education and expertise, technical support staff incomes range from $25,000 to $50,000.

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