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Georgia Technical and Trade Schools and Your Future

Georgia is a good place to live and pursue a vocational education in one of the state's excellent technical schools. The opportunities are good statewide to explore options for a new career or to improve skills in an existing job.

Leading Industries and the Statewide Economy

Ground-floor opportunities are available for graduates of Georgia vocational schools. The leading industries in Georgia hiring tech school graduates are recovering from the recent economic downturn that affected the entire nation.

The state's leading industries, and those with the best potential of putting graduates of technical schools in Georgia to work, are:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Metal fabrication and plastics
  • Food processing
  • Tourism

Trade schools in Georgia are keenly interested in providing students with educations that equip them to make positive contributions to the state's industries. These businesses will be major employers of graduates of vocational schools in Georgia throughout the coming decade. Students desiring to enter a new and challenging career or who need to become qualified for advancement within existing careers should consider a trade school education.

Most jobs in which graduates of technical schools work are found in the state's metropolitan areas such as Atlanta and Macon. Likewise, campus-based schools are found in the same areas.

Georgia Technical Schools and Earning Potential

The growth of private and public sector jobs requires a trained workforce in the age of ground-breaking technologies. Representative employment opportunities for graduates of tech schools in Georgia include the following careers along with the mean annual wage for each career category as of May 2009.

  • Engine and other machine assemblers $29,450
  • Farm workers, laborers, nursery, crop, and greenhouse workers $18,120
  • Metal fabricators and fitters $32,150
  • Butchers and meat cutters $26,630
  • Travel agents $34,790

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of workers in these occupations in May 2009 totaled 710 engine and machine assemblers, 2.300 farm workers, 3,140 metal fabricators and fitters, 3,730 butchers and meat cutters, and 1,300 travel agents. The median annual wage for all occupations in Georgia for the same period was $41,340.

How Georgia Trade Schools Launch New Careers

Graduates of trade schools in Georgia earn an associate's degree, diploma, or certificate, or a combination of these qualifications, depending on the legal, certification, and industry standard requirements. The associate's degree typically requires two years to complete. Students who live in rural areas or otherwise don't have easy access to campus-based schools opt to attend part-time or study via online distance learning. This allows students to take additional time to complete their studies. The length of time required to finish a diploma or certificate varies considerably, depending on the industry and subject matter.

Studies in tech schools in GA are typically campus-based and require classroom attendance and hands-on training and practice. Trade schools emphasize hands-on learning and practical skills over a broader liberal arts education.

Georgia online schools offer several advantages for those who are employed or have family responsibilities. These advantages include flexible scheduling and the opportunity to learn from any location.

Many trade schools offer job placement and career counseling services to current and graduated students. These services assist students in locating job opportunities in local and statewide industries.

Financial Assistance and Georgia Vocational Schools

Georgia trade and technical schools offer financial assistance to students. Financial aid packages are funded by the federal government and come in the form of grants and loans. Potential and current students should contact the school of their choice to ascertain how to apply and take advantage of financial aid programs. Active duty and reserve military personnel and veterans have several excellent financial aid programs offered directly through the military.

Good News for Graduates of Georgia Technical Schools

Despite the national economic downturn over the last several years, the Georgia Department of Economic Development released information concerning the 14 percent increase in jobs and 20 percent increase in financial investments in Georgia in 2010. The same year found new and expanding businesses creating a total of 20,000 jobs and investing a combined 4.1 billion dollars in the state's economy.

Examples of the economic recovery include the American Textile Company announcing in 2010 that it is building a manufacturing and distribution facility in Tifton.

The Profile Extrusion Company planned to purchase 6 million dollars worth of equipment.

Atlanta keeps up with the times by hosting the Enfinity Corporation of Belgium's expansion into the United States. This is the world's largest developer of solar photovoltaic products.

Graduates of Georgia's campus-based and online technical schools are on the ground floor of the expanding economic growth.