Trade Schools in New York City: Prepare for a Technical Career
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Trade Schools in NYC Provide Practical Training in Growing Industries

The New York City metropolitan area is home to approximately 19,006,798 people. The original American port of promise for so many hopeful immigrants, New York City has evolved into one of the world's largest and most diverse world economies, impressively maintaining its reputation as a city of boundless opportunity. It's no accident that New York State's economy is third-largest in the nation and the state's median household income is $55,980.

New York City's economy may best be known for its Herculean contributions in the arenas of finance, real estate, and the arts. Yet while this characterization is quite faithful to the truth (finance alone accounts for over a quarter of the area's employment income) it fails to highlight the city's many career opportunities for students of trade schools in NYC.

Technical Schools: NYC Offers Opportunities for Graduates in Many Specialties

The high-tech industries of biotechnology, Internet services, and medical research and technology account for some of the fastest-growing professions in New York City, and they demand workers with specific skill sets. Examples of promising New York City careers often requiring vocational training include:

  1. Computer support specialists
  2. Chemical technicians
  3. Social science research assistants
  4. Sound engineering technicians
  5. Medical and clinical laboratory technicians
  6. Respiratory therapy technicians

Enrolling in one of the technical schools in NYC proves a crucial step in preparing yourself for the city's competitive economy. Whether you dream of helping people as a medical technician or being at the forefront of new technology as a professional of applied sciences, the vocational schools in NYC can bring you significantly closer to your goals.

Compensation for Technical Careers in NYC

New York City is not only a bastion of rapidly growing industry, but also a city where skilled workers are well compensated. The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) annual figures should be encouraging to prospective students of vocational schools in NYC:

Computer support specialists. Faster than average job growth and good job prospects await aspiring computer support specialists, whose mean annual income in New York City is $57,170.

Chemical technicians. Chemical technicians employed in NYC earn a mean annual wage of $44,710, and while the BLS foresees no change in overall employment for this profession in the coming decade, they note that individuals trained in pharmaceutical research methods should be well prepared to take advantage of changing trends.

Social science research assistants. Students hoping to become social science research assistants can look forward to faster than average employment growth. Those working in this field in the city of New York make a mean annual wage of $37,870.

Sound engineering and broadcasting. In what is arguably the media capital of the world, competition for jobs in sound engineering and broadcasting should remain keen for the foreseeable future, giving those who aspire to these positions all the more reason to get the training they need at technical schools in NYC. Sound engineering technicians employed in New York City earn a mean annual income of $58,040.

Professional opportunities abound for skilled healthcare technicians. Two areas in particular are:

  1. Medical and clinical laboratory technicians. This field is expected to enjoy rapid employment growth and superb job opportunities. New Yorkers working in this industry made a mean annual wage of $46,260.
  2. Respiratory therapy technicians. Those employed in New York are among the best-paid, earning a mean annual wage of $59,640, but also must compete with many other qualified applicants for job openings.

What to Expect from Programs at Trade Schools in NYC

Most vocational programs take between one and two years to complete, at least half the time one would spend at a traditional university, making them smart choices for people who want to join the skilled labor force as soon as possible with a minimum of superfluous instruction.

In a city with so many career opportunities spanning a diverse economic spectrum, students living anywhere in the metropolitan area are sure to find a nearby trade school that suits their needs. Vocational schools in NYC combine hands-on training with classroom instruction designed to get you certified in a specific skill set. So, if you know what direction you want your professional life to take, consider bypassing the expensive and time consuming general education, and opt instead for one of the excellent trade schools in NYC.