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Wedding Planning Schools: Do they really exist?

Do Wedding Planning Schools actually exist? In a nutshell, yes. Providing prospective event and wedding planners with comprehensive training in comprehensive organizational skills, wedding planning schools teach students how to interactively direct formal banquets, weddings, conventions, and other structured events.

Future bridal consultants enrolled in a wedding planning school will gain an in-depth understanding to the basics of running a successful wedding consulting business. A wedding planning school will teach students how to conduct interviews with the bride and her mother to gain/suggest an outline of the particular style of wedding they are seeking; set fees (usually fifteen percent of the cost of the wedding); attain and combine necessary resources for the main event; make engagement/wedding announcements; create spreadsheets with regard to wedding costs and plans; compile and keep track of guest lists; and much more!

In addition to the above topics, wedding planning schools typically provide a curriculum in a variety of bridal consulting courses including training and education in communication skills; engagement party planning; customs, etiquette and traditions; ceremonial styles; time management; budgeting and negotiation; assisting the bride and wedding party with appropriate bridal outfits and accessories; catering and menu selection; how to select adequate musical, photography and floral arrangements; honeymoon planning; stress management; business management; marketing strategies, and additional skills in common wedding planning forms such as checklists and vendor/contract forms.

Teaching essential skills in everything relevant to the wedding from how to coordinate seating arrangements to arranging the honeymoon vacation, wedding planning schools are excellent for individuals who are creative "people persons" that enjoy working with the public and can work well under pressure. Generally, graduates of a wedding planning school go onto entrepreneurial businesses in the field.

If you are thinking about enrolling in a Wedding Planning School to attain your education in bridal consulting or event planning, feel free to visit the Vocational Schools Directory for more information.

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